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DashClassic is one of the tokens that uses P2P systems to transact between senders and recipients, with technologies that use smart contract ethereum to make DashClassic very fast and secure when making transactions, our team focus on creating DashClassic as a new payment method in the future, without there is a third party governing and all finances will be fully held to the user.


Name DashClassic
Symbol DSC
Type ERC20

Roadmap / Progress

November - 2017 The idea arises and the business plan is created.

March - 2018 DashClassic Blockchain first release.

March - 2018 Token distribution to community.

April - 2018 Promotion DashClassic and growth of the community.

April - 2018 DashClassic listing on different exchange platform.

May - 2018 Contract migrations for DashClassic.

June - 2018 DashClassic website update.

July - 2018 Make a DashClassic to the moon.


DashClassic Blockchain release.

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Token Distribution,

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TRON(TRX) Giveaway,

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DashClassic Distribution ENDED!

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